Claire Eguibeguy

I graduated in French Literature with honors at Paris La Sorbonne and took a master’s degree in Project Management of Information Science Engineering.  Like many translators, I began my working life in other fields (international development, education, tourism and hotel industry) before moving into English to French translation .


I launched my translation business after a long stay in Canada (near Vancouver) and decided to create Naya Translations. Naya is a First Nation female name which means “free spirit”. It reflects various aspects of my personality, such as my desire for freedom, my curiosity and my need to explore and travel the world.

I am now back in France to provide my services in translation, editing, proofreading and transcription.

I have strengthened my skills by obtaining a professional certification in medical translation from English to French. I work for translation agencies and local, national and international clients to ensure their success in the French-speaking marketplace.

My interests, training and early career naturally led me to choose tourism and hotels, medicine and pharmacy, education and social sciences and international development as my fields of expertise.


Professional Associations and Networks

I am truly passionate about my work and have never stopped studying and learning about all commercial aspects of my fields of expertise.